The Piggies Go On Vacation

Mama Piggy found the ground getting too frigid this year for her old hooves. She wasn't entirely sure if the weather was particularly cold this winter, or if it was just her. In any case with the kids gone and taking care of themselves, she had managed to save up a tidy sum of money. She couldn't think of what to do with this bonus at first. However, it dawned upon her that she could take the whole family with her to Bermuda for a bit of a warm up. "They ought to enjoy that," she thought to herself.

Joey, Bowie and Zoe were delighted with the idea. They hadn't had the opportunity for a vacation in some while, what with setting up house for the first time and all, and felt they could use a break. So they immediately started making plans. These included buying obnoxiously bright swim trunks, packing that suntan lotion which makes you smell like a roasting banana, a crash course at the gymnasium so as to look svelte around all of the other vacationing piggies and arranging with their friend, the wolf Chief Moonbeam, to check on their homes while they were away and pick up the mail. Then in no time at all they were off.

Chief Moonbeam had been told not to bother visiting the piggies homes until a week after they were gone, but by that time some of the plants would probably need watering. Little did he know how much mischief could be wrought in that time.

First, he decided to visit:


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